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Planck Foundation is dedicated to develop future global strategies for central banks, governments and corporations. 

Solving the total contradiction between Keynes and Hayek in delivering both Productive Capitalism and Monetary Stability. 

(by deploying the proven economic/monetary integrated models of Hamilton and List in a new effective non-toxic model)

(introducing some smart/limited free markets supporting central planning/facilities to support/enlarge a market based economy)

Solving the total contradiction between Keynes and Hayek in delivering both Productive Capitalism and Monetary Stability.
(by deploying the proven economic/monetary integrated models of Hamilton and List in a new effective non-toxic model)
(introducing some smart/limited free markets supporting central planning/facilities to support/enlarge a market based economy)

Recovering the damage done to the global economy by the prosperity destructing Chicago Model of Friedman will take decades.
(it destroyed production, replaced wages growth by credit growth, destroyed the middle class and widened the wealth gap)
(it was good for some happy few and bad for the rest, it also was not based on market performance but on governmental relations)
(the 'best' example of the demolishing effects of the Chicago Model is Japan: since the 70ties their production shrunk)

Of course we're also active in a lot of other mergers between mostly new science fields and the economic and monetary systems.
(we're not that interested in doing things other people already are doing right now, as explorers we're looking for new frontiers)
(we see the economic and monetary systems as the core facilitators, knowing too they're incomplete by nature: GDP+GDH=GDS)


Planck Foundation advocates an Interdisciplinary Science Integration for achieving Global Sustainable Prosperity for all of mankind in the 21st century and beyond.

Planck Foundation has a strong innovation focus (celebrating and exploring human intellect) and is by this rather anti-malthusian. Malthusianism is just driven by fear, not by science, innovation and celebration of life. Malthusianism ignores the continuous flow of technological progress by scientific research in its deep dark predictions (making malthusianism quite reactionary and certainly unscientific). With currently 3 billion people/minds online and 2 billion more people/minds to come online within a decade, developing and realizing solutions could go faster than ever before.

Unfortunately a lot of this innovation driven huge progress potential could be ruined by destruction caused by the collapse of unbalanced financial/monetary/state systems and furthermore by destruction caused by surveillance/tensions/imperialism/wars. Therefore developing innovation and achieving wisdom should go hand in hand.

Planck Foundation channels loads of new data to scientists who are able to process/analyze fast/huge loads of information (i.e. being able to steer their ships in/on this flood) while producing future models based on all this data. Planck Foundation delivers out of these by integration of sciences delivered perspectives 21st century proof (aka sustainable) governmental and corporate strategies and models. Just the way Max Planck invited Albert Einstein to Berlin and gave him his platform, Planck Foundation is an interdisciplinary platform for today's brightest minds in those areas that could deliver paradigmatic changes for the 21st century.

The current ‘zeitgeist’ in the science realm is too much influenced both by new dogmas and by an arrogance of 'we know everything yet’: This is a temperately ‘adolescence like’ development phase that science must go through, but one that blocks the further development of science enormously. Science is about ‘keep asking questions’. Science is about ‘the more you know the more you realize the less you know’. Science is much about ‘you don’t know what you don’t know yet’. Further development and dogmas/arrogance are contrary facets. The toxic cocktail made of new dogmas and new arrogance blocks the discovery of 'next level' (knowledge multiplying/widening/deepening) breakthroughs that characterized the elementary science thrust/boost/progress in the 18th and 19th century.

A lot of this has to do with the massive institutionalization of science that took place. Huge paradigmatic breakthroughs are seldom born in large institutions. They mostly are born in the minds of individual scientists in combination with some (not scientific) luck and courage. The invention of penicillin is a very good example of both. Institutionalization (i.e. scale) and performance are contrary facets in discoveries. Even the size of budgets are the amount of discoveries are contrary facets.

There are some gifted (often retired) scientists without budget nor institute who just by their own garage research understand more of the universe than whole institutions together. They often come (like Wegener: biologist who became geophysicist) from other science fields than their current major. One example: a retired US army weapon magnetism expert describes universe theories that just add up (way less flaws than in all present mainstream theories). These scientists need an audience, they need peer reviews of their models/theories. Major breakthroughs are mostly not born at institutions, but are the fruit of individual intellect fertilized by external information/theories.

In science we need less of the second phase of Einstein (tame dogmas based institutionalization) and more of the somewhat forgotten Tesla (non dogmatic based wild ingenuity). Science has become (just like the politics) too heavily over-dogmatized and over-organized to perform as it could in delivering real new directions. Institutionalization leads to authority, authority leads to arrogance, arrogance leads to tightening of the mindset. The easy/cheap global communication the internet delivers to individual scientists is changing this at fast pace: asymmetric developments are ahead. The internet will push science fast forward again in a way the world witnessed end 19th century / start 20th century for the first time.

Planck Foundation advocates a comprehensive integration of monetary/energy/economic/physical sciences:

  • the western world (USA and Europe) has peaked and is in decline (too much in debt, too spoiled and too old)
  • the west should stop at once its denial of the economic (and by that financial and by that political) global changes
  • economic systems with too much financial and too less production activities are bound to derail (credit has its limits)
  • the west should divert its tax system asap from a labour based tax model towards a consumption based tax model
  • nations with no real growth should smartly contract their governmental spending (as funding has entered dire straits)
  • all nations should phase out all lobbyists driven governmental spending (as these don't serve national interest at all)
  • bailing out financials is an example of lobbyists driven governmental spending (too big to fail is too big to exist)
  • subsidizing sectors/companies is an example of lobbyists driven governmental spending (pollutes market function)
  • waging wars is an example of lobbyists driven governmental spending (with huge negative economic/political impact too)
  • war burdened economies don't build but consume economic progress (also impact export/imago/branding negative too)
  • all lobbyists driven governmental spending towards special interests undermines structural the tax paying willingness
  • Keynes' theories where developed in a time of almost zero governmental spending (current setting is quite different)
  • monetizing governmental budget deficits (like USA and Europe do) is ordering financial/economic/governmental collapse
  • the way out of monetizing governmental deficits is Energy focused/narrowed QE (builds instead of destructs the future)
  • the west should restructure its energy models as they drain economies (away from oil/coal/gas towards geothermal)
  • energy transition by subsidizing new energy sources pollutes energy markets (energy transition by finance models not)
  • peakenergy/peakresources will eat out all efficiency growth in developed nations (gradual decline will replace growth)
  • outsourcing of production eats out the economic future of nations (credit based growth has a limit and isn't sustainable)
  • expensive energy/resources are the unknown triggers of the credit crunch (eating out the payment power of debtors)
  • outsourcing production is another yet unknown credit crunch trigger (78% of the demand in the USA is consumer based)
  • credit based 'growth' is the result of weak politics/leadership (as it is artificial growth and has a hard end point)
  • low rates/conditions/ethics, deception/fraud, high bonuses and deregulation have ruined the financial system
  • a wrong response to a ruined financial system ruins the financial status of governments/banks/pensionfunds further
  • a comprehensive analysis of actual developments is needed to create the right response to a ruined financial system
  • as growth is no the longer economic reality economic adulthood is the new reality (preserving wealth as main objective)
  • as real growth was replaced by artificial credit based growth debt exploded the last 20 years in the advanced economies
  • advanced economies can't grow themselves out of debt (as they have no real production based growth anymore)
  • the credit driven artificial growth debt levels has become too high to service (the most artificial growth falls first)
  • there's too much debt and too less real growth in the system (both are not easy to solve, but there is a work around)
  • the solution of fighting debt with more debt will lead to hyperinflation (punishing those who have savings severely)
  • the solution of fighting debt with write downs will lead to collapse of any financial asset (destroying all savings/pensions)
  • currencies are mediums of exchange, not stable asset holdings (the financial industry is based on a wrong assumption)
  • energy focused/narrowed quantitative easing will hedge the declining financial assets with the increasing energy assets
  • energy focused/narrowed QE gives banks income while they adjust/contract (preventing financial system collapse)
  • a money system that's based on growth will come in dire straits (as money for interest is only created by growth)
  • without growth that creates money for interest payment banks will hit by insolvent debtors (mathematical certainty)
  • switching from growth to stability delivers a critical moment (banks/pensionfunds can collapse by debtor insolvencies)
  • collapses are contrary to stability and therefore need to be prevented (without enlarging the past at the future's cost)
  • changing from growth to stability needs other total new/different policies (economic adulthood is a total new science)
  • governments and households in developed nations has build up too much debt (no further growth possible: peakcapital)
  • debtors want to inflate themselves out of debt and force other nations to do also (value attack: race to the bottom)
  • those with savings/pensions want stable currency values and not give debtors a second free ride (value defence)
  • inflation should be recognized as the invisible taxation of governments on wise private savings/pensions (value decline)
  • inflation forces savings/pensions to high risk investments to maintain real assets values (brings risks into securities)
  • peakcapital makes further credit based artificial consumption growth impossible in developed countries (credit top)
  • the credit crunch will contract capital in reach (credit crunch will bring the capital -what's left of it- back home)
  • the energy crunch will contract economies in reach (energy crunch will bring the jobs -what's left of them- back home)
  • advanced countries are losing their headstart in the global economy (too expensive/old/retired/spoiled/undereducated)
  • advanced countries overestimate their position/future due to neo-colonial thinking (subsequent damage by old visions)
  • the political process is too much infected by corporate interests (there a need for an ethic reveille in politics)
  • democracy and distance are inversely proportional (bigger distance to the voter delivers more pollution by corporatism)
  • democracy in the west will decline due instability/corporatism (democracy in the east will grow due to growing stability)
  • economic democracy will replenish parliamentary democracy substantial (consumers will vote by their purchase power)
  • taxation should facilitate economic democracy (tax payer decides budget use: direct replaces parliamentary democracy)
  • pensions should have a total mobility (making pension funds to pension providers: delivering pension democracy)
  • developing nations can steer their economies into low-energy/high-growth directions (building is easier than changing)
  • regardless the political system: any system without a corruption exposing press and/or institutes is bound to decline
  • regardless the political system: any system with a 'revolving door' between market and government is bound to de-rail
  • governments and corporations should not join forces together as such a huge power concentration will destroy wealth
  • derivative financial capitalism destroys wealth and should be limited (by credit contraction and regulation expansion)
  • industrial production capitalism creates wealth and should be stimulated (by credit expansion and regulation contraction)
  • redistribution wealth doesn't create any wealth (wealth is created by work/innovation and conserved by legislation)
  • empowering people is more effective wealth distribution of wealth (building facilities that make people strong)
  • financial systems, pension systems and governmental bonds are by nature heading towards ponzi schemes brokeness
  • as 48.5% of all households in the USA receive any type of government benefit you know main street is broke (link)
  • parasitic wealth/power concentrations occur when governments are lazy regulators (free/fair markets need regulation)
  • overpowered governments and overpowered corporations are the two mainstream roads that lead to main street serfdom
  • independent people building their life and their environment need protection against governments and corporations
  • left and right are no longer viable concepts (only the new third road can deliver prosperity in/for the 21st century)
  • power/capital/media/trade/pharma/dna concentration and chemical/nuclear/gmo pollution are the only dangers we face
  • energy/water/food/health problems will be solved down the road if we prevent those concentrations/pollutions
  • as capital systems will go more local, economies will follow (the rise of local: E.F. Schumacher / F.W. Raiffeisen)
  • as capital systems will more in more local direction, currencies will follow too (the rise of kWh based currencies)
  • information and technology will always stay globalized (but will serve local capital/economies/currencies)
  • both developing and developed nations need a comprehensive integration of economic/energy/monetary sciences

Planck Foundation advocates regarding monetary sciences:
  • a gradual transformation of the banking system in OECD countries (from global to national as a response to peakcapital)
  • a gradual phasing out of the fractional reserves based banking system in the OECD countries (1/1 leverage system)
  • globalization of capital has proven to be more riskfull as expected (distance and safety have an inverse correlation)
  • global banking corporations will become more national compartmentalized (national regulation, funding and branding)
  • global banking corporations will abandon their unilabel/unibranding strategies (to prevent contamination at large)
  • global banking corporations will have other listing/funding and market/retail names (to prevent contamination at large)
  • global banking corporations will decline in number and size (operational windfalls are gone / head winds emerge)
  • financial regulation will emerge to more simple yet significant tightened basic rational demands (less is more model)
  • commercial influence on financial regulation will decline in most nations (the other nations will fall into chaos)
  • the combo of privatizing profits and socializing debts will decline (political no longer acceptable without martial law)
  • the socializing debts wave is on it's peak and will decline (political not longer possible in most nations)
  • debt socialization will move back into it's former borders (special purpose vehicles around the central banks)
  • but debt socialization by SPVs by central banks will become in dire straits too (more difficult in an information era)
  • ratings by rating agencies have proven to be not valid at all (rating agencies delivered false security labelling)
  • the risk factor of distance will be priced soon (a market driven method that will contract the reach of capital)
  • the kWh will replace the dollar in all denominations for international trade/loans/settlements (as it's a stable value)
  • no new global reserve currency is needed when the kWh denomination will be implemented (dehubbed/multipolar world)
  • as power in kWh will be used for international settlements international power infra will become important
  • EBS: energy backed securities should replace gold and reserve currencies (as energy is transportable)
  • EBD: energy backed derivatives are much more safe than real estate CDOs (as they build out of controllable blocks)
  • as the economies of the west decline the perspectives of both their governments and their banks turns gray
  • taking all perspectives and future liabilities into account almost all governments of the west are technical broke
  • taking all perspectives and future losses into account almost all banks of the west are technical broke
  • as some governments are more broke than others, in the same way some banks are more broke than others
  • a growth focused banking model will collapse without growth, not by ideology, but just by plain economics
  • a growth focused governmental model will collapse without growth, not by ideology, but just by plain economics
  • the west could prevent this decline attached collapse by using a set of wealth preserving strategies
  • there are more effective wealth preserving strategies than soft (grants based) and/or hard (war based) imperialism
  • the financial power (and by that direct also the geopolitical power) will swift from the west/north to the east/side
  • high cost banks will lose their business to new low cost financial providers (like facebook, google and telcos)
  • banks need a new income/business model as current revenues/marketshares are declining (by writedowns/competition)
  • most reported bank profits are inflated and full of thin air (reports are made for bonuses and mainly ignore most risks)
  • a model that delivers banks time to contract in size/costs without collapsing (banks as energy focused QE distributors)
  • a model that reforms the financial sector behaviour and that way it's image (without friends no customers for banks)
  • an instant transformation of the monetary system (money creation back to governments: fixing all budget/tax issues)
  • voluminous full energy focused quantitative easing (delivering banks a compromise on the money creation withdrawal)
  • legalization of comparative currencies within a nation (governments delivers growth/decline of currency trust/demand)
  • smaller governments with severely contracted financial demands (leaving more purchase power into the real economy)
  • an analysis of war as the ultimate negative economic influence (no prosperity production, just a waste of resources)
  • an analysis of war as 'the solution of last resort' (failed governments without any other perspective for their nations)
  • a swift from taxation of labour/profits towards taxation of consumption (transition from debt to assets based economies)
  • a total stop on quantitative easing (QE) use for debts of the past (as that doesn't build the future as compensation)
  • a new energy focused/narrowed QE model (that builds instead of weakening the future like traditional QE does)
  • hedges declining currency values with increasing energy values (by Energy as ROI and other Energy Economics models)
  • traditional QE only delivers currency weakening and savings/pensions weakening (effects traditional QE are negative)
  • traditional QE just causes 'carry trade' and not trickles down (100% capital export, 0% local/national economic revival)
  • the thesis that a) the energy situation, b) the capital situation and c) the global market place are all changed
  • the thesis that a different situation calls for another/different approach (to prevent a feeding dead horses model)
  • traditional stimulus -not energy focused- delivers no stimulus at all (it's feeding the future to the declining past)
  • a single global reserve currency delivers an imperial tax on the global economy (the USA has a limitfree creditcard)
  • all western nations will default on / restructuring their debt (not a question if, but a question of when and speed)
  • if some nations defaults on their debt many pension funds and banks will default too (governmental bail-outs are over)
  • the thesis that when one european nation defaults all european nations instant enters dire straits governmental funding
  • european nations will need instant closed budgets if one european nation defaults (delivering shaking consequences)
  • huge budget cut downs will deliver huge volumes of civil unrest (leadership will become inspirational or dictatorial)
  • unless financials will hedge declining currency values with increasing energy values the financial system will break
  • money creation than will go back to the governments otherwise governments will loose their democratic specifications
  • money creation back to governments always needs currency freedom as market driven sanction of bad spending policies
  • gold leasing multiplies the turbulence of the financial system and central banks therefore should not practice it
  • gold leasing pollutes the balance sheets of financials (as each part of the chain lists it as 100% tier one)
  • when sea mining get traction gold will become available in abundance (driving gold out of the monetary realm)
  • tthe ocean has 0.000005 parts per million gold (ships will have some kind of physics based Au2Cl6 attraction devices)
  • full backing of currencies by kWh based fuelless energy harvesting finances (energy standard instead of gold standard)
  • gold is an economic dead asset, energy investments are economic active assets (delivering both future payment power)
  • pension funds should go for 50% into energy investments as those delivers a hedge on declining financial assets
  • by financial assets collapse, pension funds will be able to deliver only 10 till 25% performance on their liabilities
  • when pension funds starts to cut payments the collection of new capital will stop (pension funds need trust to operate)
  • the use of kWh as a global/local currency (as it's a clear value that can't be manipulated by any external power)
  • re-installation of the in 1999 abandoned Glass-Steagall Act (which has protected the financial sector since 1933)
  • use of the Sherman Antitrust Act to solve the 'too big to fail' issue (no nation can afford any big fails anymore)
  • taking into receivership of any failing financial (no more privatizing profits and socializing losses anymore)
  • outlawing off balancing of assets with jail time as penalty (delivering more honest balance sheets publishing)
  • outlawing unregulated dark pools in the financial markets (the financial system can't bear the risks of dark pools)
  • legislation that makes all not contract revenues attached bonuses illegal (forcing a longer horizon to the financials)
  • legislation that makes corporate/government cross-overs illegal (as they threaten governmental policy integrity)
  • an ethic reveille within financials where conscience/responsibility will become important again (competing with greed)
  • sunspot quantity inversely effects food prices and drives by this also inflation plus GDP (due to civil unrest level)
  • in un-edited footage of the thirties the great depression is called the draught (nature influences monetary systems)
  • renewable energy harvesting investments are capital driven with a by nature guaranteed return (no fuel, just interest)
  • China using its surpluses to supply the world PV on credit (otherwise energy prices will kill customer purchase power)
  • central banks should concentrate future loans on the Energy as ROI model (secure hedge to falling currency values)
  • use of quantitative easing fully focused on energy investments (percolating up, currency/asset value, future strength)
  • maintaining cash beside plastic money is crucial for national security (the EMP of one CME can wipe out money infra)
  • maintaining cash money is crucial for national health costs (cash has a huge role in building the human immune system)
  • the Beijing Consensus (investment focused) will gain market share on the Washington Consensus (austerity focused)
  • the Washington Consensus will change (less austerity more growth) by the market competition of the Beijing Consensus
  • investments in infrastructure and renewable/fuelless energy are the main specifications of the Beijing Consensus
  • the Beijing Consensus has geopolitical effects: served nations will be asked to stop their involvement in geopolitical wars
  • geothermal and deserttech will deliver new energy surplus nations and thereby shake up the global monetary field
  • governmental funding will come into dire straits and could be saved by a flat tax model without any exception
  • taxing consumption is much more wiser than taxing labour/income/profits (as those three are the things all nations need)
  • geothermal exploration (like all other resources mining) could give governments additional income by licensing
  • governments should partial take back money creation (an unknown model which could deliver tax free economies)
  • partial governmental based money creation should be used for future investments not for waging wars or entitlements
  • sovereign debt defaults will destroy the balance sheets of banks and pensionfunds (ruining the retirement generation)
  • the western credit crunch will bring capital (what's left of it) back home (distance contraction equals risk reduction)
  • governments who think that they can neglect the production base of their nation will hit the wall (credit has a limit)
  • outsourcing production overseas has neo colonial roots (will boomerang back as the overseas people are smart too)
  • globalization has a build-in brake: financial globalization (for capital risk and distance are proven equally proportional)
  • globalization is based on the assumption that any kind of unrest is something of the past (which is a wrong assumption)
  • in western economies the size of financials is overstretched (result: increasing debts / declining assets for the people)
  • in many economies the concept government is overstretched (risk: collapse of all essential governmental functions)
  • governments who think they can bailout banks or even bailout other nations overestimate their own financial possibilities
  • governments who think they can afford a huge number of civil servants will hit the wall (credit has a limit)
  • governments who think they can afford a huge military sector with ditto actions will hit the wall (credit has a limit)
  • mistake lending and mistake borrowing are private transactions which never should be transferred into public debt
  • bank regulation deficits = governmental deficits = savings/pension deficits = democracy deficits = riots/instabilities
  • privatizing profits while socializing losses undermines governments/states their legitimacy and equals ordering revolution
  • governments soon will lose their access to the capital markets (than any budget overdrawing will no longer be possible)
  • governments soon will not be able to roll-over loans by new credits (which will bring them instant in dire straits)
  • governments soon will have to chose between stay spending or servicing their debts (only roll-over made both possible)
  • governments are not able to cut spending as massive and as instant as a sudden stop on any debt roll-over demands
  • governments will partial default on their debts (they will not be able to cut spending for full debt servicing)
  • governments will (re)nationalize central banks and create hyper inflation by doing that (creating Zimbabwe anywhere)
  • inflated national currencies will face strong local competition of foreign currencies (as result of exchange controls)
  • government issued money will only work if their is currency freedom (preventing governments to wage wars for free)
  • Energy focused/narrowed QE will remain the last possible (but effective) option to stimulate economic revival/redirection
  • the war on terror is overstretched (the chance of dying by a bee string is higher than of dying by a terror attack)
  • the war on drugs is overstretched (tactics of supporting competing gangs as solution enlarges the problem even more)
  • the war on terror and drugs damage the delicate relation civilians/governments (erodes paying tax willingness severely)
  • bailouts of financials damage the delicate relation civilians/governments (erodes paying tax willingness severely)
  • freedom of thinking/communication is crucial for feeding science/innovation (drives economies towards more efficiency)
  • globalization in finance will contract severely (as risks and distance have proven to be equally proportional in finance)
  • the debt restructuring of governments will vanish all savings and all pensions (hitting the elder people severely)
  • education = human capital = a hedge/insurance against further financial values decline (delivers further higher incomes)
  • a tax model that not taxes labour, but taxes consumption (the only way the old world can handle emerging markets)
  • basic state funded health care enables maximum availability of labour forces (and by that can be public budget neutral)
  • a flat tax model for person/company without any exceptions for anyone will face a lot more sympathy by the taxpayers
  • as capital systems will more in more local direction, currencies will follow too (the rise of kWh based currencies)
  • money is an easy exchange tool, not a stable asset (the financial industry is based on the wrong/opposite perception)

Planck Foundation advocates regarding economic sciences:
  • a less energy intensive economic design that increases/ensures global prosperity (sustainable prosperity)
  • a cherry picking transformation from global to local focused production (mainly energy price rise driven)
  • a balanced global/local economic model that can easily serve the earth's future projected population (9 billion)
  • debunking the malthusian overpopulation theory (sustainable prosperity pushes the malthusian boundaries always)
  • a fair/open play field for all market parties (no preferred rights to governmental officials/organization relations)
  • a design for energy extensive information/communication technologies (full online html5 based virtual screen technology)
  • due to new info/com technologies commuting can be rated as time/energy waste (huge new time/energy resource)
  • a maximal flexible labour market model (not 9 to 5 based, less office based, in combination with easy-hire/easy-fire)
  • an open tech database where public domain tech is listed (preventing others to patent existing open developments)
  • centralism will collapse for the same reason communism has collapsed (too vulnerable for abuse due non transparency)
  • any democracy without an active critical press always turns into an oligarchy (as power concentrates and corrupts)
  • democracy in general reality is far away from the concept idea (just like communism was too and capitalism is too)
  • economic democracy (people 'voting' by their purchases) will replace parliamentary democracy severely
  • distance and democracy are inversely proportional and distance and corruption are equally proportional
  • in most democracies lobbyists and interest groups democracy have a bigger influence on government than voters
  • the current bailout bonanza illustrates that western democracy need some serious introspection on its functioning
  • the current version of western democracy is severely overrated (actual reality is not government for/by the people)
  • the current version of western capitalism is severely overrated (as it subsidizes malfunctioning companies big time)
  • western democracy and western capitalism need introspection and reform (otherwise they're heading towards disaster)
  • if western democracy and western capitalism are not able to reform themselves they will go under by white collar crime
  • capitalism that parasites on governmental budgets is no capitalism at all (it erodes both capitalism and democracy)
  • oligarchy is by its nature against free markets / fair competition and parasites at max on governmental budgets
  • media fragmentation delivered by web 2.0 technology is crushing media concentrations and unlocking crowd sourcing
  • free/fair markets need a limited but crucial set of free market rules and law enforcement to enforce this rules
  • free/fair markets need an active/independent press for early signaling any derailing of the concept by special interests
  • consumer organizations are much more effective in representing consumer interests than state consumer protection
  • state consumer protecting organizations have the tendency to serve the corporate instead of the consumer interests
  • in advanced economies construction will become a secondary sector (difficult to finance due peakcapital)
  • the effects of a huge CME originated strong EMP in a digital era are totally underestimated (it can wipe out all ICs)
  • a focus on energy conservation construction changes will deliver a new economic sector (energy price rise related)
  • increasing suburbanization as the right direction (as cities will be too energy intensive to deliver/maintain prosperity)
  • sunspot quantity inversely effects food prices and drives by this also inflation plus GDP (due to civil unrest level)
  • a multipolar world without monopolar leadership (to prevent easy developments in the wrong directions)
  • unless financials will hedge declining currency values with increasing energy values the financial system will break
  • new induction based railways will be developed on all continents in all directions: north/south, east/west and diagonal
  • quantum dots based third generation PV tech will deliver to each man made object energy harvesting skin options
  • quantum dots based technology will make it possible to deliver energy harvesting transparent foil for new/old windows
  • besides quantum dots PV cells new hydrogen production based solar cells (artificial leaf tech) will make emerge (link)
  • IPR (intellectual property rights) slow down economic growth severely (copying delivers much faster economic growth)
  • IPR will be eroded/disarmed by the current information floods and crowd sourcing (hard to prove first time uniqueness)
  • IPR will find combatants on it's way as crowd sourcing develops in high speed (already done in open source software)
  • global warming thesis based decisions turns out very damaging for the economy (as global cooling is what face)
  • the global warming thesis has impact on the railroad infra (teflon grease free rail road points without winter heating)
  • the global warming thesis has impact on the railroad wagons (bad equipment isolation puts them out of order by cold)
  • the global warming thesis has impact on wheat storage/prices (drying facilities are decommissioned based on this thesis)
  • global warming thesis based investments are a capital waste of resources usage (as global cooling is what we face)
  • rhineland (ego and alterego driven) capitalism will stongly compete with angloamerican (ego only driven) capitalism
  • geothermal and deserttech (fuelless/limitless/endless) will replace both coal and nuclear based on economical factors
  • geothermal energy exploration of hotrock spots by pressurized seawater injection (limitless/endless/fuelless) (link)
  • geothermal energy exploration of hot aquifers by closed water cycles (limitless, endless, fuelless, no water demand)
  • deserttech is about sun light concentration that heats water that drives turbines (clean/sweet water as side product)
  • deserttech is about on location in mobile factories build out of sand/silica solar mirror plants (50% price of desertec)
  • geothermal and deserttech will deliver new energy surplus nations and thereby shake up the global economic/power field
  • use of quantitative easing fully focused on energy investments (percolating up - currency/asset value - future strength)

Planck Foundation advocates regarding energy sciences:
  • combining economic sciences and monetary sciences into energy finance science (delivering a comprehensive model)
  • an analysis of the total energy demand of each product/process (making them less vulnerable for energy price rise)
  • smart facets focused globalization (as a replacement for easy/cheap energy driven overall globalization)
  • the peakenergy/peakresources theory (much of the earth’s easy/cheap to explore energy/resources are yet exhausted)
  • research on real energy price calculations (inclusive all socialized costs, like subsidies and military expenditures)
  • a change from molecules to electrons in energy exploitation/transport/use (power as basis of the next energy era)
  • fuelless photovoltaic exploration for every roof/wall/building (as a method to deliver energy in locations of demand)
  • fuelless geothermal exploration of the hotspots in each continent (as a easy/cheap replacement for oil/coal/nuclear)
  • geothermal can be faster deployed than nuclear (geothermal can be build in just one year, nuclear takes 20 years)
  • geothermal is better than nuclear: it doesn't require fuel (enhanced geothermal is just sea water / earth core driven)
  • the use of geothermal energy to produce for PV needed energy intensive ingots (embedded geothermal power export)
  • local low temperature geothermal can be deployed all around the world (for almost fuel free cooling/heating)
  • local low temperature geothermal shouldn't perforate local/regional sub soil water basins (sub soil water is valuable)
  • coal will become very soon the most expensive power generation fuel (huge global demand will explode the coal price)
  • in situ coal exploration (underground coal to gas) will be used to explore difficult coal resources without mining
  • CO2 emissions of the developed world will be reduced automatically due increasing energy prices (market mechanism)
  • underground CO2 storage projects are economic negative (adding no productivity, just delivering vague services)
  • underground CO2 storage is advocated by the hydro carbon industry as it is an additional source of revenues
  • the CO2 consumption by flora may be up to 45% more than the values used in current used climate models (link)
  • CO2 is just an atmospheric flora photosynthesis fertilizer (any greenhouses operating farmer can give supporting data)
  • climate change is of all times (Greenland used to be green, so CC and has other driving factors than man made CO2)
  • pricing CO2 just delivers an 'open for abuse' manipulative mechanism in the energy market (zero economic benefits)
  • renewable energy harvesting facilities investments have a by nature guaranteed ROI (these guarantees are AAAA)
  • renewable energy harvesting facilities investments have fuelless power production (fuel costs can't undermine the ROIs)
  • huge steam based renewable energy harvesting facilities in the desert (sand=silica=glass+concrete = costprice -75%)
  • desert energy harvesting attached seawater condense watered farms (frozen exports of multiple harvests a year)
  • local/decentral power production that reduces the transport load on power networks severely (making space for HVDC)
  • transition a part of national hvdc powerlines into continental networks of efficient hvdc powerlines (low CAPEX+OPEX)
  • new HVDC tech delivers a more power transport capacity on the same copper or aluminium lines than old HVAC tech
  • as electrons will replace molecules international power lines will become important (and redundant design of them too)
  • geothermal, desertech, wind and solar will create demand for low transport cost international power infrastructure
  • power infra should be both full geographic redundant and full decentral in design/capacity so blackouts will be reduced
  • the effects of a strong solar originated EMP in a digital era are totally underestimated (it can wipe out powerinfra)
  • power infra should have off-line spare equipment in faraday stored (for replacement in case of EMP caused meltdowns)
  • nuclear fission plants can run out of control by lack of cooling if (artificial or solar) EMP knocks out grid connections
  • nuclear fission operations should halt their operations for some day if there is a chance for a carrington event (link)
  • nuclear fission as an underdeveloped (V 0.X) not round type of nuclear energy (privatizing profits, socializing costs)
  • nuclear fusion as the right nuclear model (virtual magnetic building hosted with lasers crosspoint ignition: not ITER)
  • the magnetic sun model will lead to a new nuclear 2.0 (magnetic) based energy generation technology for mankind
  • a design for energy extensive information/communication technologies (full online html5 based virtual screen technology)
  • due new info-com technologies commuting can be rated as time/energy waste (huge new time/energy resource)
  • total irrelevance of energy conservation in light tech (as light only consumes less than 1% of our energy consumption)
  • seawater mining will become very important as we learn that without large energy imputs (bacteria, catalysts, etc)
  • sunspot quantity direct effects sun based energy models like PV, CPS and wind (as wind indirectly also is sun driven)
  • pricing of carbon hydros is not based on supply/demand but on stakeholders manipulation (going short / long / to war)
  • pricing of carbon hydros and the faith in/of the dollar are very interconnected since the petrodollar (1973)
  • PeakEnergy is more a price updriving dogma cultivated by stakeholders than an actual reality (scarcity drives prices up)
  • a microwave oil well device will make very thick oil commercial explorable (and unlocks huge oil fields by that)
  • a microwave tar sand device reduces the water demand and environmental impact of tar sand exploration severely
  • tar sand to power technology eliminates the water demand and local air pollution of tar sand exploration totally
  • Energy as Collateral as finance concept (delivers debtor independent full 100% security to the financiers)
  • Energy as ROI as finance concept (makes energy finances inflation proof and even can be use as currency hedge)
  • Energy as Variable as finance concept (pulls the higher future energy prices into finance calculations)
  • Energy as Gold as finance concept (making energy investments to the backing corner of the monetary system)
  • use of energy investments as way of economic stimulus delivering structural reforms (less wealth export and more jobs)
  • use of energy investments as structural way to fix trade balance inequalities (without the need of currency wars)
  • use of energy investments as structural way to fix foreign energy dependencies (without the need of energy wars)
  • use of fuelless energy investments as way to create voluminous jobs (in the private sector, not in the public sector)
  • geothermal energy harvesting will replace nuclear fission totally (Fukushima marked the end of the nuclear renaissance)
  • geothermal energy harvesting will boost investments in national/continental power transmission technology/networks
  • geothermal energy harvesting will boost research on cold electrolysis (magnetism, catalysts, resonances and voltages)
  • the effects of a CME originated strong EMP in a digital era are totally underestimated (it can wipe out all powerinfra)
  • the effects of a CME originated strong EMP could destroy the cooling power backup in nuclear fission plants (meltdowns)
  • research for new wireless power transport technologies with low CAPEX/OPEX will become a huge new sector of science
  • the vertical earth's magnetic field lines will become the power transport medium of this millennium (tesla technology)
  • by high energy prices global trade will decline significant and rail transport will replace air transport significant too
  • energy infra tech will become also a monetary clearance structure as the kWh will rise as stable international value
  • use of quantitative easing fully focused on energy investments (percolating up - currency/asset value - future strength)

Planck Foundation advocates regarding physical sciences:
  • an energy 'particle' based quantum physics theory (replacement of the matter particle based quantum physics theories)
  • atoms of elements are just organized energy structures (and it's characterics are just consequences of that structure)
  • the matter based perception (with mass and gravity as characteristics) of elements was a detour in physical sciences
  • the everything is just organized energy based thesis open wide new futures for physical research/understanding/models
  • current physical sciences perspectives are to much mass/gravity focused and should be more energy/electric focused
  • black holes collect energy (part of it we call matter) till they explode: the cyclic universe
  • every break through in physics will reveal more simplicity (as it reveals more of the whole universal design) (Feynman)
  • the electron's structure gives it mass, spin, charge, magnetic moment, broglie wave, relativity and more (Robinson)
  • another system of science funding (corporate sponsoring of students and not of professors grows scientific knowledge)
  • the use of physical science in new energy research (nuclear fusion by magnetism/lasers and efficient energy transport)
  • the use of physical science in agriculture (biophysics as an alternative/supplement to biochemicals and/or biogenetics)
  • climate is such a complex system that simplifying it (CO2 as main facet) is just a sign of limited knowledge
  • the cosmic radiation/gravity driven earth's core/mantle processes theory (as an addition to pressure based theory)
  • the cosmic radiation/gravity driven earth's climate processes theory (alternative to the CO2 based theory)
  • the IPCC models are narrow windowed and politicized (consensus is politics, science is well organized scepticism)
  • the IPCC models are narrow science area driven (input of geoscience, cosmoscience and waterscience is minimized)
  • the regular conception within science is 'the more you know, the more you realize the less you know' (unlike IPCC)
  • CO2 is one of the four pillars of life (CO2 + water H20 + sunlight + minerals = photosynthesis = 02 + flora = foodchain)
  • increasing CO2 levels is widely used in agriculture to speed up photosynthesis (just a harmless atmospheric fertilizer)
  • ice-caps on earth and Mars are shrinking/growing in the same rate (warming/cooling is sun/universe driven) (NASA)
  • all global geo engineering plans are based on an over estimated perspective on mankind's capacity (the world is too big)
  • creating nuclear events is the only geo 'engineering' mankind is capable of (which can't be labelled as engineering too)
  • the growing or variable earth size theory (replacement of Wegener's in 1915 published drifting continental plates theory)
  • the not-stable/more-active earth's core and mantle theory (which potentially dwarfs climate change in severe effects)
  • the geological layer chaos is caused by the growing/variable earth size theory (cosmic radiation = more/less active core)
  • the decay/fission/fusion rate of earth mantle/core processes is variable (and driven by solar/cosmic radiation)
  • climate change as a result of uni/geo physics and not of human behaviour (doesn't change climate change nor effects)
  • knowledge of urban 'heat islands' (by still air urban temperatures can be even 8 degrees C higher than in rural areas)
  • knowledge of the moving of the poles (in the 21st century the north pole will travel away of America towards/on Siberia)
  • knowledge of the opposite climate changes on the northern and southern hemisphere (explains local climate changes)
  • ice levels on the arctic and the antarctic have always reversed quantities (see graph of antarctic ice data)
  • knowledge of the Milankovitch Cycles (as the orbit of the earth around the sun has a dynamic ellipse shape) (link)
  • by this all Al Gore can rather be diagnosed as an autistic narrow focused politician than as a comprehensive scientist
  • the effects of a strong solar originated EMP in a digital era are totally underestimated (it can wipe out all ICs)
  • the abundance of hydrocarbons on Titan undermines the common excepted fossil energy origin theory severely (link)
  • the a/semi biotic carbohydro origin theory (replacement of the fermented mammoths fossil hydrocarbon origin theory)
  • hydrocarbons are not biology reworked by geology, but geology reworked by biology (Nikolai Kudryavtsev / Thomas Gold)
  • hydrocarbons could be delivered as billion of years of cosmic dust from massive/unstable sources like the van Oort cloud
  • the elements in hydrocarbons (H+C) could be manufactured by nuclear processes in earth's core / mantle
  • hydrocarbons could be manufactured of elementary H+C by chemical/biological processes in earth's core/mantle
  • archaea (the third branch of the phylogenetic tree) can produce hydrocarbons also in very hot/deep environments
  • deep/heat biology has been proven in/around deep ocean volcanoes research (which moved scientific bounders further)
  • deep elementary water has been proven by all deep drilling exploration like the Kola Superdeep Borehole (link)
  • just like the spin of the earth powers ocean currents, hydrocarbons are centrifugial forced towards earth's surface
  • no change to the peakenergy theory by the deep oil theory (which just helps to find new/expensive oil/coal/resources)
  • exploring carbo hydros could contribute to the prevention of atmospheric carbon injections and their destruction (link)
  • sun activity cycle: the sun switches magnetic polarity every 11 year, with variable sun activity levels in this process)
  • the 3D orbit of the planets of our solar system is the driver of the 22 year solar cycle (polarity change every 11 year)
  • if sun's/earth's core activities are high each 8 minutes the magnetic system of the earth unloads to the sun (NASA)

  • solar-history-102011-nasa

  • solar system cycle: our solar system has universe orbital driven cycles (we don't understand by our limited time window)
  • the sun travels 200km/sec 124mi/sec 0.66% lightspeed through the galaxy and pulls the solar system planets along (link)
  • the orbit of the planets around the sun is eliptical vortecular with a torque dynamic (not flat/centrical orbit) (link) (link)
  • radiation and gravity change as the solar system travels through the galaxy (effects of these changes are yet unknow)
  • the orbit of the moon is not flat but 3D too (impacting tide movements / ocean currents / earth quakes) (link)
  • the perception of flat planatary solar system planet orbits are build on not taking the orbit of the sun into the picture
  • as the flat earth model disappeared by new knowledge so the flat planatary orbits model will disappear too (3D orbits)
  • the journey of our solar system in our the Milky Way galaxy determines solar activity and climate change
  • solar activity is driven by radiation and gravity changes the galactical orbit of our solar system delivers (as is climate)
  • sun polarity cycles are driven by jupiter's orbit of the sun, sun cycle intensivity is driven by saturn's orbit of the sun
  • sun's heat source is not an internal thermonuclear furnace but it's huge intense external magnetic field (E. Chromie)
  • solar wind is actually the magnetic field current flow that creates the plasma in its path (E. Chromie)
  • phenomena that violate laws of physics under conventional logic can be explained by a magnetic sun model (E. Chromie)
  • the iron/magnetic sun model will lead to a new nuclear 2.0 (magnetic) based energy generation technology for mankind
  • solar activity is still often measured in sunspot numbers (subjective) but solar gauss values give 100% objective data
  • sunspots numbers are inflated data for suncycles (as by modern hightech telescopes even the micros are visible) (link)
  • sunspots' size/strength/timespan/latitude are more important than just sunspot numbers (counts don't give that data)
  • sunspots' magnetic strengths are better quality data sources for sun intensity (can't be inflated like sunspots numbers)
  • sunspots' overall magnetic strengths are inversely proportional to the magnetic field strength of the sun's north pole
  • the magnetic field strength of newly produced sunspots is declining linearly year by year by ~77 gauss per year (NASA)
  • measuring the sun's north pole magnetic field gives one objective (reversed/inverted) figure of sun's activity (link)
  • increasing sunspot maxima equals a strengthening solar era, decreasing sunspot numbers equals a weakening solar era
  • as sunspots only form by magnetic strengths of >1500 gauss: sunspots could be disappearing for some time (century)
  • the sunspot number should be replaced by sun's northpole gauss value (as sun's np gauss can be measured accurately)
  • the sun's northpole gauss value is increasing if the sun's activity level goes down (inverted calculation factor)
  • sun's core and surface activity level is moderated by cosmic rays (the journey of the solar system in the universe)
  • there's a 11 year micro suncycle and there are longer periods spanning mesa/macro cycles (larger solar periods)
  • there's a direct correlation between sunactivity/sunspots and acid rain (by the intensity/volume of evaporation/rain)
  • there's a correlation between sunactivity and earthpolar ozone holes (more cold turns O3 quicker back into 02) (NASA)
  • as sun gauss data is just an expression of the solar activity: the 21st century could be a cold/dry/dusty/acid one
  • in solar super cycle minima the sky has in the summers more clouds (less sun) and in the winters less cloud (more cold)
  • the sun generate solar energy (SE), generate solar neutrinos (SN), and discharge waste products in the solar wind (SW)
  • earth's core/mantle activities are moderated by cosmic rays (aka by the journey of the solar system in the universe)
  • earth quake frequency/intensity is equally proportional with the easy to measure sun's poles gauss values
  • microdust levels are equally proportional with sun's pole gauss values (due to less rain / more cosmic dust enterance)
  • microdust levels an in low sunspot years double than regular (in 2011 total year values are already reached in May)
  • sunspots/sungauss values direct effects food prices and by this inflation, economic developments, GDP and civil unrest
  • sunspots/sungauss values direct effects sun based energy models like PV, CPS and wind (wind indirect is sun driven too)
  • many elements are formed by the nuclear processes in the earth's inner mantle (science neglects earth's core/mantle)
  • the location of our solar system in the Milky Way determines the climate on earth (drives cores/mantles of sun/earth)
  • if the sun is in a hibernation period the ionosphere and the van allen belts are less strong (delivering less protection)
  • the magnetosphere is not that much stable as we thought is was (breaches in it leaks more solar wind to earth) (NASA)
  • less protection delivers more cosmic radiation and more cosmic dust (clouds will mature more difficult: more water vapor)
  • more cosmic radiation and more cosmic dust deliver too much rain drop 'seeds': more clouds and less rain (Kirkby | CERN)
  • less cloud maturing = more clouds = less sunlight = less evaporation (and by that less rain/dew) and less photosynthesis
  • more incoming cosmic dust/radiation will cause more rain at sea and less rain onshore (changing hydrological system)
  • ocean currents, jet streams and storms are (besides by other factors) also driven by magnetic fields changes
  • this explains the unlogical air pressure phenomenon (dry air delivers higher pressure, wet air delivers lower pressure)
  • earth's core/mantle contributes to the global temperature by warming oceans (different depth temperature land/ocean)
  • earth's core/mantle contributes to the global temperature by CH4 emission into the atmosphere (CH4+2O2=CO2+2H2O)
  • earth's core/mantle CH4 production is responsible for the massive amount of water on earth (CH4+2O2=CO2+2H2O)
  • there's a direct link between sun activity (measured in sunspot frequency/sizes) and earthquakes (cosmic rays/gravity)
  • there's a direct link between the journey of our solar system in the universe and earthquakes (cosmic rays/gravity)
  • geothermal energy is harvesting the heat of the nuclear decay/fission/fusion processes in the earth's core/mantle
  • geothermal energy can be easily harvested on the hotspots in the earth's crust (limitless, endless and riskless)
  • both cosmic gravity and the combination of cosmic radiation and the ionosphere influence core/mantle/magma behavior
  • the sun is an unstable remain of a supernova that exploded ~5 Gyr ago and gave birth to the solar system (image) (link)
  • Kuroda/Myers combined Th/U/Pu age dating shows that a supernova made our actinide elements ~5 Gyr years ago (link)
  • nuclear repulsion is the core power source of the sun (solution 33% expected neutrinos emission mistery) (O. Manuel)
  • neutron repulsion powers the sun for 60%: so the sun is not only a hydrogen fusion reactor (link)
  • the sun's hydrogen is generated as the 'smoke' of the core's neutron replusion process (so NR is the basic process)
  • the sun's hydrogen fusion occurs in the outer magnetic field of the sun and not in it's core (LANL)
  • the volume of a neutron increases by about a factor of ~(10)^23 when it goes from the solar core to become H atom
  • the mass to energy convertion through neutron repulsion is greater than for uranium fission or hydrogen fusion
  • neutron emission from the sun's core triggers a series of reactions that generate the sun's characteristics
  • neutron emission from the sun's core deliver luminosity, solar neutrinos and an outflow of hydrogen in the solar wind
  • the sun’s corona's excess temperatures are caused by the continuous collision with / bombardment of cosmic particles
  • the core of the sun is hidden inside a mantle made mostly of Fe that's covered with a surface veneer of H
  • the core of the sun emits as 'smoke' neutrons (which quickly decay to H) (solving the solar neutrino mystery)
  • the sun's core is a neutron star (Toth in Nature in 1977), neutron repulsion is the key process of the sun (Manuel)
  • the sun has not a stable 'climate' (link to NASA discovery of 2010)
  • neutron repulsion is restrained by competition between attractive forces of gravity and repulsive forces of neutrons
  • the sun's neutron emission generates 60% SE
  • the sun's neutron decay to hydrogen produces 5% SE and 90% SW
  • the sun's hydrogen fusion to helium generates 35% SE and 10% SW
  • the sun discharge waste products to interstellar space is 100% SW
  • when a neutron goes from the compact solar core it become an interstellar atom of hydrogen
  • the entire cosmos is composed of two forms of one fundamental particle: the neutron and the hydrogen atom
  • the organic/recycling/energy universe (matter = just energy, some sections are contracting and some are expanding)
  • gravitational redshift could be the result of huge orbits of static clusters (Robinsons alternative for the Doppler effect)
  • huge orbits of static clusters can explain apparently straight lines (the earth time perspectives/window is limited)
  • the universe and every atom in it can be represented by cyclic, reversible transitions between those two forms
  • trade winds = earth's magnetic field driven = earth’s core and sun’s core driven = milky way driven = universe driven

Planck Foundation advocates regarding agricultural sciences:
  • biophysics based flora grow/defence technology (physics will compete massive with chemics and genetics) (link)
  • biosymbiosis based flora defence technology (use of sub flora to activate the immune system of the main crop)
  • biosymbiosis based flora fertilizer technology (use of sub flora to fertilize the grow process of the main crop)
  • biosymbiosis based flora water technology (use of sub flora to harvest more dew as micro irrigation for the main crop)
  • biosymbiosis based flora soil technology (use of sub flora to improve soil biological/chemical quality and structure)
  • intercropping (use of sub flora for soil structure, chemical/biological quality, soil protection and dew harvesting)
  • artificial biodiversity by several different crops in abreast rows in fields (prevents/represses monoculture problems)
  • the initiation of decentralized DNA preserving gardens as far as possible (preventing centralized DNA storage/powers)
  • an open DNA database where public domain DNA is listed (preventing patent warriors to patent natural existing DNA)
  • a total ban on patenting any DNA (as natural/public DNA currently massively is transferred to the proprietary domain)
  • decentral seed policies/knowledge/corporations (for preventing concentrated DNA power and attached monocultures)
  • big corporate seed concentrations are the biggest treat for global food production (as they undermine nature's diversity)
  • heterogene local/regional seed cultivation is the best way to maintain the DNA bandwidth of global food production
  • local/regional seed cultivation's diversity is the best insurance against a sudden collapse of global food production
  • the combination of biosymbiosis, intercropping and decentral seed structures deliver maximal agricultural biodiversity
  • 'golden rice' and the 'orange banana' are useless PR products of gentech (just eating a carrot delivers more carotene)
  • intercropping by flora that can bind N out of the air into the soil (an energy free on location fertilizer)
  • intercropping by flora that stimulates the defence mechanism of main crops (reduce the demand for chemical protection
  • algae/bacteria focused research that can bind N out of the air into the soil (energy free local fertilizer) (link)
  • replacement of ploughing by less deep loosening (keeps soil surface bio more vital to support growth/defence)
  • promotion of new agricultural commodities delivers crop diversification (wider crop cycles reduce chemical use severely)
  • sunflower/rapa can replace soy for oil, nettles/hemp can replace cotton for fibers, lupin can replace soy for protein
  • the use of algae as a new agricultural resource (fast growth of high quality food oils on natural salt water surfaces)
  • the use of duckweed as a new agricultural resource (fast growth of high quality proteins on sweet water surfaces)
  • the use of seaweed as a new agricultural resource (fast growth of high quality proteins/carbons on salt water surfaces)
  • commercial aquaculture duckweed farming will recover phosphates out of waste water before they flows to sea
  • current waste water models are disposing phosphorus for ever for the food chain (DNA in each cell is made of P)
  • sunspot quantity has a direct effect on global food price levels and by this on civil unrest caused by high food prices
  • connection roads attached smart suburbanization to maintain rural biodiversity (gardens deliver artificial biodiversity)
  • connection roads attached smart suburbanization to re-establish wildlife corridors (gardens deliver artificial corridors)
  • smart suburbanization to keep rural areas economic viable (cities have structural energy and food deficits)
  • less pesticides use + more biodiversity help to restore the bee population (pollination is crucial for food production)

Planck Foundation produces analyses and models based on these issues and also is lobbying intensively for these issues.

Planck Foundation currently operates the following research projects: Geothermal Energy, Virtual Building based Fusion Energy, Cold Electrolysis, Quantum Dots PV Energy, Deserttech (power, water and food out of deserts harvested by on site manufactured equipment), Energy focused/narrowed Quantitative Easing, Percolating Up Quantitative Easing, Energy focused/narrowed Securitization, Gold Leasing and Risks, Hydro Carbons in the Universe, Abiotic and Semibiotic Deep Hydro Carbons, Deep Hydro Carbon Geology, Wind Energy, Thick Oil Well Clean Warming Microwave Technology, Tar Sand Clean Warming Microwave Technology, Tar Sand to Power Clean Technology, Energy Politics, Energy Finance, Energy Transition, Energy Transition Finance Model, Geo Politics, Geo Strategy, Geo Economics, Geo Engineering and Risks, Global Tensions and Sparcs, Global Cooperation and Peace, Military Force and Democracy, Food Safety, Food Volume, Agricultural Profitability, Meat Replacers, Bio Physics in Agriculture, Bio Symbiosis in Agriculture, GMO, DNA Patenting, DNA Seed Banks, Urban Food Production, Irrigation, Physics Based Insect Removing Technology, Insect Protein Burger Paste, Water Purification, Physics Based Health Diagnosis, Physics Based Health Treatment, Bio Chemical Health Treatment, Spreading Wealth, Sustainable Prosperity, Creation or Distribution of Wealth, Distribution or Concentration of Power, Distribution or Concentration of Media, Hedging or Speculation, Low Priced Housing, On Supply instead of On Demand Power Technology, Revitalizing Local Economies, Localized Production Models, International Rail Technology, International Power Line Technology, National Power Grid, National Water Ways, Terror and Privacy, Freedom and Innovation, Freedom and Regulation, Derivatives and Systemic Risk, Too Big Too Fail Too Big Too Exist, Gold or kWh as Monetary Foundation, kWh as Fixed Value for Trade and Settlements, State Power and Corrupt Democracy, Press version Corruption, Politics and Science, Corporations and Science, Medical Data and Privacy, Monopolar or Multipolar World, Central or Decentral Government, Governmental Budgets, Governmental Funding, Urbanization or Suburbanization, Global Warming or Cooling, Earth Core Physics, Earth Mantle Physics, Sun Core Physics, Universe Physics, Cosmic Radiation, Cosmic Dust, Quantum Physics, Innovation Stimulation, Market Based Full Employment, Market Symbiosis Education, Open Technology Publishing, Open Science Data, Localization of Micro Credit, War and Peace, North South Cooperation, East West Cooperation, Bilateral Opportunities, Market/State Joint Mineral/Energy Exploring, Mineral/Energy Exploration Finance Models, Mineral/Energy Exploration Funding Models, Wallstreet/Ego Capitalism or Rhine/AlterEgo Capitalism, State Income and Taxation, Human Immune System Stimulation, Digitalizing of National Cultural Heritages, Media 2.0 Business Model, Digital Affiliating, Digital Advertising, Telco 3.0 Business Model, Telco Affiliating, Dynamic Advertising Technology and Virtual Screen Technology.

If you want to be a part of one of our research projects: let us know. If you want organize a lecture at your university on one of our topics: let us know. If you want to make a media item on one of our topics: let us know. If you are a CEO and want us to address your board on one of our topics: let us know. If you hold a leading position within your Administration and want us to present on of our topics to your staff and/or their Departments: let us know. If you hold a leading position in a Central Bank and you want us to present one of our monetary topics to your board: let us know. If you are a financial and you want to realize actual economy out one of our topics and/or want that your board fully understands one of our topics: let us know.

The only way to save the financial system in the Western World (hurt by declining economies) is to hedge their by current Quantitative Easing operations -strong in value declining- currency based assets, with -strong in value increasing- energy based assets by the 'Energy as ROI' model as described in Energy Economics.

Energy focused/narrowed Quantitative Easing will stop the value decline of currency based assets, as they get strong backing by real (and in value increasing) further energy output. This also will stop their current strong increasing and continuous leaking wealth drain by foreign energy imports and give them independence/security.

Traditional 'trickle down' QE only leads to carry trade (capital export to high-risk/high-interest destinations) and thereby have no effect on local/national economies. It increases the risks of the financial system even more. Energy focused QE can be done in a 'percolating up' model and serves the national economies from their roots up.


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Planck is dedicated to governmental and corporate future strategy in a global economy.


A large image (7002 x 5050 pixels, 7.726.879 bytes) of the billions of stars at the center of our our galaxy the Milky Way. Target Name: Milky Way, Mission: Spitzer Space Telescope, Instrument: IRAC, Produced By: California Institute of Technology, TIF version (106.1 MB):, Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. 

This dazzling infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows hundreds of thousands of stars crowded into the swirling core of our spiral Milky Way galaxy. In visible-light pictures, this region cannot be seen at all because dust lying between Earth and the galactic center blocks our view.

In this false-color picture, old and cool stars are blue, while dust features lit up by blazing hot, massive stars are shown in a reddish hue. Both bright and dark filamentary clouds can be seen, many of which harbor stellar nurseries. The plane of the Milky Way's flat disk is apparent as the main, horizontal band of clouds. The brightest white spot in the middle is the very center of the galaxy, which also marks the site of a supermassive black hole.

The region pictured here is immense, with a horizontal span of 890 light-years and a vertical span of 640 light-years. Earth is located 26,000 light-years away, out in one of the Milky Way's spiral arms. Though most of the objects seen in this image are located at the galactic center, the features above and below the galactic plane tend to lie closer to Earth.

Scientists are intrigued by the giant lobes of dust extending away from the plane of the galaxy. They believe the lobes may have been formed by winds from massive stars.

This image is a mosaic of thousands of short exposures taken by Spitzer's infrared array camera, showing emissions from wavelengths of 3.6 microns (blue), 4.5 microns (green), 5.8 microns (orange), and 8.0 microns (red). The entire region was imaged in less than 16 hours.